Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lake House, Peace, Love, Traffic, and Discouragement

I really like this graphic.  I could soooooo put myself in it right now.  What a glorious thing it would be to wake up in this house, not have a place you had to be, fix bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, grits, fruit and serve breakfast on the back deck and view the lake.  You can see there is a back porch.  It looks like early fall in this pic.  Maybe the first week of October.  I see someone out there fishing.  One could have fried fish and hush puppies for dinner.  Ok we'd have salad the next day.  ;-) Could sit and read, take the boat out and see what is around the bend.  I think I'd like to be there for the weekend.  Then in the late afternoon you could go walking on the country lane, say high the cows that come to the fence to check us out, look at the corn that is all drying up, look for deer and other wild life.  Then one day we could get in the car and drive around the area, find some local shops that have some interesting things, maybe find a few Christmas gifts, maybe a soda shop will have a really good cheese burger and then we'll find a veggie stand and have veggies for dinner.  Ahhh let's go.  

Today is my Friday.  I'm really happy about that.  It's been a tough time period.  I'm wrestling with a few things rolling around in my head.  

I guess I miss peace and happiness.  I think that is it mainly.  
The world is so busy, so bitter, so......annoying.  
We all feed off of it.  The negativity.  The roadblocks of the day.  The attitudes.  
It affects us.  It impacts us.  
We become part of it.  We give it back out ourselves.

I witness others becoming discouraged.  We wither away at our effectiveness b/c we become wrapped up in other's ball of confusion.

Yes I'm talking in code and overtones.  
Yes I'm going for more coffee.  

So all that said, I did have a devo this morning and a talk with God and he put some things in perspective ....again. 

I did have some good dreams last night that helped shed some light on a few things.  Sometimes I think God uses dreams to change our thinking.  He also led me to some scripture from Romans 5 that helped.  Go read it when you are feeling down on the world and down on yourself.  It helps. 

I got the mattresses ordered yesterday for us and for Katy.  It only takes about two days they said to make them.  But they will hold it til Friday when we have the rental truck.  We will work on that over the weekend. 

Cody's graduation is tomorrow.  His exams are over.  Katy's last night with us is tonight.   Then after graduation they are off to Gatlinburg where they are meeting friends and have a rented cabin. 

I am going to head in early today.  I didn't make it early yesterday.  In fact, I was late.  I left early but then saw that two tires were needing air.  So I stopped and got them taken care of at Firestone b/c I certainly do not want to have flat on the other side of the river! Or anywhere for that matter.  
They were nice to put air in it for me at no charge and so I gave the guy a small tip.  
And the light went off, but they didn't open til 7 and I hate to wait 20 minutes and actually much like the rest of life, irritatingly, they were late opening.  At 7:05 finally they let me in.  

So at 7:10 I had air and was on the road, but the roads were clogged by that point and no one going anywhere so they just all ran into one another.  I mean really?  So yeah wrecks and all everywhere.  And nobody actually getting anywhere.  Just a ball of confused cars rolling in a slow crawl down the interstate, like two million ants trying to get on one crumb.  Geez. 

Finally I just ignored traffic and listened to my audio.  The audio is nearing the end.  And it is so good.  Matter of fact so good that when I got to the turn off for work, I missed it and kept going.  I was wanting to see what happened.  Then I realized "wait....this is a school zone and past work...why am I here?"  lol lol lol  I had to turn around and go through the school zone again and then go to work.  lol 

I tried hard to get things done at work.  Just a bit discouraged.  But worked on workers comp and finally finished with that and began working on FMLA.  I have to finish the FMLA's today and begin working on benefits.  And then work on some insurance billings for the next month.  Much to do and yet the daily issues will hopefully not happen so I can try to get it done.  I'm off tomorrow and not missing this graduation.  So it'll have to take care of itself or sit and rot til I can get to it.  My guess is "it ain't going no where" so I'm through stressing over it.

I'm trying to be all laid back but I've been pretty keyed up lately over a few things. I won't go into it here.  But I am worried about a few things, anxious about some things, and I miss peace, love, and contentment.  Sounds like I need to go back into the 70's!  lol  I remember as a child and teen - having notebooks with peace signs and flower power.  And we used words like "hip" and "cool".  
I still use those words.  Maybe I should put a big peace sign in my office with flowers all around.  They would think I had lost my ever loving mind.  

One day I read something about  putting mosquito netting around your desk, and making it into a jungle adventure - just to make people laugh. That would be hilarious.  

I'll be ok.  It's my Friday.  A 3 day weekend will do me good.  I'll be all stoked next week.  It's all good.  I'm just a little down on some parts of life right now.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sully Movie, Mediocre Mexican Meal, and so Forth!

It occurred to me that I should have edited this and clipped my car dash out.  But --oh well.  I don't have time for perfection this morning.  I would like to get in early.  I'm going to have to put in more hours I think to try to get some privacy as there are so many interruptions and when you have to spend nearly a week on one person and can't get to the other 299 employees, that is a problem - much less try to hire, pay the bills that come in (insurance, etc that need check requests broken down by plant) and trying to start new procedures and so forth.  Oh wait ---I have to save this for the private blog.  haha.  Too many onlookers.  So no more of that!

Anyway it was foggy yesterday morning and made for an eerie drive in, in places. 

I spent all day working on mainly "one bad apple" and then headed East to meet everyone at home. I was the first one there and that was a rare thing.  The dogs were happy to see me and I got to take them out and walk about and get some fresh and "not as hot" air as it has been.  Temps in the 70's are my ideal temps.  And we get so few of those days.  It's really strange how few of them we get.  

So we went to the Mexican restaurant and met Katy there.  She had called me earlier having a melt down b/c she didn't have paper towels to clean the apartment with so she could get her deposit.  As a Mom, or perhaps I should say "as a woman" I realize, it's not the paper towels she is upset over.   She has been living in boxes, living in 3 places, and cramming life in and it's all trying to happen at once.  Teaching, moving, Cody's graduation, life's little emergencies with some needs that Cody had (he had a scrape on his back to get infected but we all thought it to be a spider bite and made him go to the doc) and Publix wouldn't take their insurance and....and...and...she has been trying to get so much done and it's all coming to a head.  And she finally just turned in the key to the apartment.  They will get some deposit back but the stove was not perfect.  I told her not to sweat it.  If it's less stressful to lose the deposit - then lose the deposit and go on.  She just had to make a decision one way or the other - stay and clean and we'll order her dinner for her - or just let them do it and lost part of the deposit.  So she will lost part of it.   So we met for Mexican at Mi Casa and had a margarita.  Actually it was two for one.  But if it had much alcohol in it - you couldn't tell.  It was mostly Margarita mix.  It was very very sour.  A margarita with tequila in it will not be quite as sour.  But I didn't care whether it was there or not.  I really just like the sour and the salt rim and tequila is just a nice add. 

Everything in my meal was good except for my taco.  The meat tasted like it had fish in it.  I couldn't eat it.  Perhaps they cooked in the same pan as fish?  I don't know but I just could not do it.  It was nasty.  The place was not very crowded and I guess I see why.  The salsa was just ok, there was nothing outstanding that sets the place apart from any other restaurant except for it's fish tasting tacos.  (Yuk.)  

So, my stomach was kinda weird after that too.  But I didn't get sick or anything so that is good.  I won't go there again I don't think.  The service was ok but a little slow toward the end and we were in a hurry.  And I couldn't understand a word the waiter said his accent was so thick.  Katy had to translate for me.  lol  I don't know how she knew what he said but she did.  If you have a thick accent, good luck communicating with me.  My response will always be "huh"?  lol

Then we rushed over to the movies.  We were not late but just in time for previews.  The Sully movie was great with Tom Hanks.  One of the ladies in Breakin' Bad had a pretty good part in the movie.   Then we came home and I was in bed by 9:40 or so.  

I am thinking I will go out to lunch today.  I'm not sure what to eat otherwise.  I don't really like getting out in THAT area but I think I will scoot out today and grab something.  

I need to order our mattresses today.  I have to verify with Katy which one she wanted.  I took pics of the one she wanted and the one I wanted.  Now I'm confused as to whose was whose.  lol 

Anyway, I'm going to get off of here and try to scoot in early.  If I can get bathroom time to get ready.  lol  I really need to be at home today to catch up on laundry, clean the kitchen and read and relax and do some home projects.  lol  But we owe so off to work we go.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cornish Hens and Multiple Weekend Plans

Can you see the yellow/orange tinted rolling cloud that was heading toward me yesterday?  It was very concerning to watch come toward you. I was trying to drive and yet was intrigued.  It was a fast moving cloud packing a little wind.  It was part of an outflow boundry from the cooler air system that was about to come through.  Katy saw it.  We talked about it coming through last night and she thought it was weird too.

I am not talking about work right now in this blog.  Too many people coming here for the wrong reasons.  I'm not in the mood to be spied on.  That is not what this blog is for. I do not discuss anything illegal on here, but exercise my free speech on how my day went w/o divulging company confidential information.   So pbthhhh!  No more info! Zip Lips here and it's posted in the private blog. lol

That said, I will say it was GOOD to come HOME to a pleasant atmosphere and evening and George fixed us Cornish Hens with a honey based crust on the edges and it was soooo good.  I fixed steamed squash with herbs (especially tarragon and it was good).

We also had a home grown tomato and some of George's Chardonnay.  And some pintos leftover from yesterday.  As well as some corn bread with keilbasa dogs baked in. 

Well, I have to laugh at George and I planning our Saturday this week.

1)  Yesterday we decided to go work at Granny's house to begin going through and sorting and packing up things on Saturday

2)  Then our friend Lisa called and their family has asked us to come and spend the night with them and hang out.  (We love them so and they are like family and the time is so short - they just say "come and stay" and we'll do dinner and then breakfast the next day.)  So we said yes and then....

3)  The furniture folks called and of course I was on the phone with Lisa and Mom and I didn't recognize the number so I didn't cut my calls off to take that one.  When I got home I realized it was the furniture place and I called but I think they had closed about a minute before I called.  I think the furniture (bedroom suite and book shelf) is in and they probably want to discuss delivery options for Saturday.  lol  So I will need to call this morning and schedule that.  Then we can go to Don and Lisa's afterwards, and then to Granny's house the next day.

I don't know how I'll get anything done here at home over the weekend but...sounds like a good weekend to me.  I also need to order my mattresses at work.  I think I will plan to do that tomorrow.  Katy wants one too.  We will not be able to pick it up though until next Friday when we can rent a truck to get it as we will also have the truck over the weekend.

It looks like it will finally come together.  Soon we'll have our kingsize bed and more room and a better night's sleep!  I will also order the comforter this weekend - and get the new King Size sheets washed.  Next will be curtains but I'm taking the time on those.  We already have blinds.  Might even hold off until after the first of the year.  I imagine that I will get some type of beige or burlap type of rugged looking curtain with the thick sun blocking material in the back.  There are times when I've tried to take naps or when I'm sick that I want the room to be dark in the day time.  So that is what I want and we can sleep later on the weekends if we want.   But I can hold off on that if I need to.  I don't know that I really want long curtains in that bedroom.  That may sound strange, but it's a nature room and I think short burlap with the sun backing enough to cover the window is just fine.  It doesn't have to be a room of stature but of comfort and convenience.

Well, I need to go so I can pack my breakfast and lunch.

We have Mexican night tonight with margarita included and then going to see Sully with Tom Hanks.  Then home for sleep.  Fun with Katy being home!

Oh and did I tell you (might have mentioned it yesterday) that with AT&T I have blue benefits and get a free movie pass (buy one get one free) every Tuesday?  I also joined the Regal club - actually I think it was a ticketing club of some kind through Regal and they send you benefits.  I got a free popcorn for this week.  I am not supposed to have pop corn.  But I might eat a few of it and let Katy and George have the rest.  I'm pretty pumped about movie nights on Tuesdays!  ;-)

I think next week will be Bridget Jone's Baby.  Of course I'm missing Below Deck but I'll have to catch up with that on the weekend.  It's On Demand.

Ahhhh and it is almost time to Christmas shop!  :-O

And Katy and I have to get our hotel picked out for Asheville in December.

Hoping today is positive.  I need for it to be and I will leave it at that.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hot Chicken, Italian Cars, and Melted Cupcakes

Yesterday, we left the house about 10:30. George wanted to go see the Italian cars exhibit at the Frist.  But first we decided to go and hit Hattie B's at the time they  opened.  We had to stop and get gas b/c I was near empty and we have had a gas shortage due to the pipeline fail in Alabama or wherever it was.  But the gas situation has eased somewhat and the pipelines fixed so we were able to get gas at the 2nd stop. Whew!

 Traffic in Nashville was really bad.  There was a Titan's game but usually that doesn't foul up the whole interstate system.  I think there were some wrecks and who knows what else.  So George got off and took side streets.  I took a couple of shots for ya.  Above shows that Nashville condos are going up EVERYWHERE.  

Below is in the music row area.  It's the controversial naked people statue.  lol 

Then we found our way to Hattie B's and paid for parking and walked over and already there was a line.  We've been putting it off, knowing that it could be bad - the line.  Word is "you gotta be here".  The out of towners are sent here, the locals go here (when they have time to) and you just have to be patient and wait for it b/c everybody is there! lol

The line moved enough to make you not want to give up.  The sun was very hot but durable, and even felt good at times.  I needed some extra Vitamin D anyway.

There were some folks in line with luggage.  I guess it was their last stop before airport.  

Here we are finally ordered and at our table.  The guy in the blue shirt was from Manhattan and he sat at our table while he waited for his to go order.  

George got the next to the hottest.  He thought he was getting hot but he didn't see the hottest level at the bottom which is called "Shut the Cluck Up".  lol  I think he was disappointed when he realized he'd not ordered it.  It was sortof separated and off to the bottom from the other choices.  I ordered "Hot" which was two levels up from Mild.  I think there were 5 levels.  Mine was in the middle.  It was perfect.  I probably could have gone up one.  But I liked this just fine.  

Yep, I'd say we have to go back there.  It was the best chicken I think I've put in my mouth.  Aside from the bit of heat.  And the sides were good.  George and I each got the 2 piece White chicken which comes with 2 sides.  And it was 9.00.  As you see we got mac and cheese, slaw, black eyed pea salad, and potato salad.

You can see that George's had more cayenne with it.  George says he has "the secret" to this chicken in our cabinet.  We'll see.  Perhaps we'll try a bit of our own?  Nashville Hot Chicken - it's good!

GiGi cupcakes were next door, so I went in and bought 4 of them as I figured the 3 of us would knock those out.  lol  As I bought them I remembered that we were not going directly home and it was hot outside.  But we did the best we could.  We parked in the shade and put them in the floor board.  They melted a little bit but not too bad.

Then it was off to the Frist for the Italian cars.  This was something George really wanted to see.  He's been shopping with me some in the last two weekends so how can you say no?  lol

We were actually there 30 min before the museum opened.  So we had to kill a few minutes.  
I was actually impressed with the bathroom.  lol

Finally it opened.  I decided I'd take a few pics.  But I did not take pics of the signs of the type of cars they were.

And these were not all of them - but just a few of my favorites.

How would ya park that thing, huh? 

This one wasn't really meant to be driven, it was only to make a point for the sake of design, but it has been driven and it's not very safe.  And you have to lay down to drive it. 

I kinda liked this one if I were going to have to take one home with me.  Of course, yeah, a sports car would be nice but this one would do.

The inside was really classy.  

And we went to the Flying Saucer for a beer to add to our list there in the UFO club - to get to our 200 beers.  I'm only about 15 in - lol.  And then we came home to await our Katy coming to spend a few days.  They have moved into their house but are not settled in yet and have not spent much time out there.  Katy did not want to stay alone until they are settled and used to the house.  It's "different".  It's by a lot of woods.  It's not so remote but yet it is.  And it is an old house and has some flaws and some critters at times so until she gets used to it, she wanted modern and cozy and critter free.  They have cleaned and painted and it's coming together but the windows need replacing desperately. 

Here is Roger.  The dogs waited for Katy to come.  They had looked out the door for the longest.  The neighbor has a car like Katy's.  They saw it and got excited and barked and wagged tails and it went on by and didn't stop. lol  They were disappointed and gave up at that point.  Roger is here with his monkey.  Katy had just come in finally.  He always tries to give you his monkey when you come in.  He loves to play "go get the monkey".

But he gave up on that too, bless his heart.  Everyone was busy talking and doing their thing.  

That's ok, though b/c his Katy came and cuddled him and loved on him and he sat by me while I read and I loved on him too.

Tugie was having a harder time yesterday - just stiff - not wanting to jump up or down.  She is done going up the stairs from the basement.  She has to be carried now.  She often doesn't want to get up in her chair anymore b/c it's hard for her to get up and down.  So she stays in the floor beds now.  And she has a desire to be under things.  Often she gets under the end table and recently when I'm in the back of the house, she gets under the guest room bed.  I know this is not good.  :-(

George fixed us beans in the crock pot.  I had requested pinto beans.  Love them.  And he fixed corn bread with the kielbasa dogs cooked inside.  Dinner was very good.

Afterwards Katy and I went to Publix.  We both needed breakfast and lunch items.

The cupcakes were good.  I had about a third of two different ones.   I had bought Wedding cake, Snicker Doodle, Pecan Praline, and Carrot Cake.

So...I did get a lot done this weekend somehow even though we were gone a lot.  I wasn't really sure how, but I think it was because I didn't get as much laundry done.  I did get to play some games on line - in tropical settings.  lol  And I am 60% through reading one of my books on the ipad.

I got an email from AT&T saying that I get benefits to go the movies on Tuesday with a buy one get one free ticket.  Well - we are in!  So we have bought tickets for Sully for Tues night and perhaps next Tuesday night - if it's still out - Katy and I can go see Bridget Jones Baby.

Oh, only in the 70's today and some rain - our temps will be 18 degrees cooler than yesterday.  ha.  Finally!  Woot!  Low 50's tonight.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Some Home Time, Secret Life of Pets, and a Seafood Feast

Yesterday was a great day.  I loved being home until 2:30.  Got a lot done.  It felt like freedom not having anything I had to do or anywhere I had to be until then.  Haven't said that it makes me realize how busy we have been - ALL YEAR LONG.  My "year in review" this year is going to be long.  

I fixed us an "egg in the hole" yesterday with a side of black beans topped with fresh tomato salsa.  You can see that I saved "the hole" also.  So yeah, we ate a toasted hole yesterday along with breakfast. 

I did a bit of laundry and some ironing for next week.  Ground the coffee up and started another Walmart order on line.  A good time to do this is on Saturday morning as I'm about the house and as I am aware of an item we are almost out of, I go ahead and add to the list.   It takes about 1 week and a half for most of the items to come in.  Usually comes in two shipments as not everything comes in from the same warehouse.  But I'm not paying for the shipping so that is good.;-)  Over $50 it's free and I never hit the button to send the order til I meet that requirement.

I cleaned the kitchen and washed up some dishes.  I began going through the filing and putting "like things" together so I could file them later.  And the filing basket is clean again.  But the filing isn't done until I actually take it downstairs and put it in the filing cabinet.  lol  I'll have to move my car to open the drawers of the filing cabinet as it's in the garage. ha.  But I'll get it done.  

Oh I took a big slurp of coffee.  It's Seattle's Best, Dark Instense #5.  And it's really good.  I usually don't get the bold b/c I don't want it to be too strong.  But I realized that it's not like going to Starbucks and ordering a cup of coffee where there's no control over the brew - it's here at the house where I can control it. So it's perfect.  Just 5 "baby formula scoops" full into the brewpot.  lol  And that is the perfect amount.  I'm enjoying it and I believe I'll order it again.  However, I already have another kind coming so I'll wait til it arrives and get the next one on order.  

I was able to get the back up of my laptop done.  So that was good.  And I went through some magazines and tore out the turned up pages that I want to go through for recipes and/or adventure.  And I cleaned some on the bathroom.  And changed our sheets.  So I'm pleased.  Today's "to do" list is to work on the laundry some as I'm cleaning all the blankets and throws, and I need to vacuum.  Katy is coming tonight.  

George and I left and went toward Providence where the movie was showing.  We left a bit early and he said "where you wannna go before the movie, the bookstore?"  I said "well could we go to Belk and I can get my eye liner?"  So he was good with that.  We went in and I bought my eye liner and then I went on to my department to see that there was 50% off of just about everything.  Oh my word!  I was getting into it and George said "the time, the time".  I almost just put everything back b/c I wasn't going to have time to even finish perusing the department.  I scanned around quickly with my eyes to see.  Nothing really that I had to have.  George saw a sweater that looked like me and I bought it.  It was open, and long and had a southwest look to it with beige and rust.  I bought a fall shirt and kindof a black and aqua funky zebra stripe shirt.  It was fun and George was surprised that I bought it.  But he liked it.  So I bought 3 blouses for less than $70.  Not bad for buying fall pieces.  Actually both blouses could be worn year round but one is gold/rust in color - matter of fact it'll go with the sweater.  So it's probably better to be a fall blouse.  I have not tried any of them on.  But I'm sure they will fit.  I kept the receipt just in case.  

So off we hurried to the movies to see "The Secret Life of Pets".  I keep calling it the Secret Life of Dogs b/c I was going to see the dogs!  It was a cute story.  There was a Roger looking dog and a white Fancy looking poodle dog.  The poodle dog had a crush on the Roger dog.  And when Roger dog gets lost, she sets on a quest to find her love.  Cute movie.  George cried.  I saw it.  lol  I did too but I hid it.  ;-)  The ending was heartwarming and sweet, leaving you with warm fuzzies (almost literally) and was just cute.  You never know what your pets do during the day! lol

Then we went to Red Lobster.  And of course the eating was what I was most looking forward to.  lol

I was about to look at Salmon or perhaps shrimp or perhaps crab legs or lobster and then George pointed out some option that was a seafood feast.  And oh my!  It was what I had!  And it was wonderful.

I may want to go here for my birthday.  But I have another place picked out for my birthday as well.  I loved this dinner.  I really did.  Lobster, crab, shrimp scampi, fried shrimp, brocolli, wild rice, and a salad and a glass of white Sea Glass Chardonnay.  And water with lemon.  George sat and watched me eat at times - I said "what?".  He said "I'm just enjoying watching you enjoy yourself."  And I truly was a happy camper.  I had memories of Tybee.  ;-)

Speaking of Tybee, if we are going with friends, we better start looking at the cottages soon or they'll all be booked.  Katy and I have not made our reservations for Asheville either at Christmas - well the first Sat in December.  We gotta do that too before everything starts getting put on the calendar. Maybe we can do that while she is here this week.  

Well today we are going to be heading out early to Hattie B's for some Hot Chicken.  And then on to see the Italian Cars at the Frist.  And then maybe a quick drink at Flying Saucer so add one to the club.  At 200 beers we get the plate on the wall and get our own party.  I think we'll be very old by the time we meet that number.  lol

I kinda need to go to the grocery too.  

So I need to get off of here and go do some laundry and vacuum and then get ready and if I have some time I may play a new game I found on here.  It's on a tropical island.  I forget the name but it's kinda fun.  lol 

Have a lovely day.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Morning Delights with Coffee Sipped from a Moose Mug ;-)

Good morning!  So glad it is Saturday.  Can have a nice relaxing time at home with no rushing.  I was surprised last night to take the dogs out and find that it was humid around 10:15 p.m.  And this morning it is cool.  I'm in the sun room and there is a nice slight breeze coming through and a slight chill in the air.  An occasional leaf will tumble down from the trees when I look out the window.  Birds are happy, squirrels hopping about, and there must be deer or other wild life in the woods as I hear sticks and twigs breaking.  Might be Pepe Le Pew.  

My coffee is good out of my Moose Mug, which I do believe has become my favorite over the Blue Crab mug.  ;-)  It's funny the little things that give us joy and peace.  Dogs, coffee, music, books, mugs, red wine, fall decor.  

I've sooooo been enjoying my audio book, Folly Beach by Dorothea Benton Frank.  It's very well written, very well done.  And the voice is perfect for this audio.  It's written in first person.  I like books written in first person but I hear it's hard to do.  A good audio sure does make the hour long commute more enjoyable and I look forward to hearing it to see what happens next.  It will probably make me want to go to Folly Beach.  lol.  I'd actually never heard of it.

Yesterday went by fast at work.  I had training with the Oklahoma plant for about 2.5 hours.  It went well.  And I did end up having to stay til 6 last night trying to catch up.  Between that and employee incidents and accidents and trying to get the insurance billings are accurate and check requests submitted for payment.  I tried to work on ads and some other things but kept getting interrupted.

So I was finally glad to be home last night after being gone for 12 hours.  Work takes too much time.  lol

Anyway home now and looking forward to the day.  Enjoying my coffee.  I don't have any real plans for the day other than working on the house a bit and cleaning.  Katy is coming tomorrow night and the guest bedroom is almost ready for her.  

I think we will be getting our King size mattress week after next and moving the dressers with the Uhaul that weekend.  And the king size bed will probably be delivered next Saturday or perhaps the one after that.  It'll all be coming together soon.  Once the beds are set up, and dressers are in place, I can start moving the clothes closets around.  All that will be happening about the time for me to get the fall clothes out.  I have already put up 1 tub of summer clothing.  All my white stuff and clothes that I only wore with the white things.  

But the heavier things are not out yet and the scarves and such.  I'm anxious each season to pull it out and see what is in there.  I forget. lol 

This month has gone by so fast.  I blink and the week is gone, the month is gone.  Although the warmth of summer DID seem to linger, the time itself just seemed to fly.  Time is fleeting.  

We will be right in the midst of October before we know it, with Halloween (which means nothing to me anymore), Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and New Year.  This is my favorite time of year.  And I'll be DARNed if I let anything steal my joy away from experiencing every morsel of it this year!  

Got the Walmart order done last night.  I ordered some longer yoga pants for winter.  Needed them anyway.  I ruined a good pair painting.  I'm so silly.  I guess I thought since it washed off the brush so easily it would wash off my shirt and pants.  The shirt I didn't care about so much.  The pants another story.  I can still wear them but it doesn't feel good putting on pants that have paint on them - even for running around the house.  So I ordered some from Walmart.  Hope they fit.  They should.  

Well, I am looking forward to being home a good chunk of the day to make myself useful.  I'm also in a creative mood.  I changed the blog topper which you know I love to do!  Those fall trees on the last one were starting to get on my last nerve.  They looked cute at first but then when I logged on, all I noticed were those darn trees.  lol I suppose your own work gets on your nerves after a while.  And I enjoy trying again.  I like the one I did today.  I merged two scenes together - one was a tube and the other just a jpg scene.  I used the jpg scene duplicated to make a backdrop for the tube as well.  It worked pretty good.  You can see a difference in the grass color but I'm no professional.  And happy with what I did.  

George and I are looking forward to having our girl back with us for a few days.  They spent their first night in their new house.  I think she had a hard time getting ready the next morning - in boxes - can't find anything, no mirror to do hair.  All that.  But when Cody goes back to the academy (Police Academy) for this week she is coming to spend the week with us.  Close to work for her and she doesn't want to be out there by herself when she is not used to it yet.  She has her gun but still.  

We are going to have cornish hens one night, we are going to the movies one night, and going to eat Mexican and get margarita's one night.  She wants to see Sully too, so we are going to do that.  

Next week is a 4 day week for me.  Cody's graduation from Police Academy is Friday.  I'm looking forward to the day off and to celebrating with him.  We are proud of him.  He knew what he wanted to do, and he kept moving toward that goal.  The decisions were hard and difficult but he persisted.  We are proud of him for sticking with his goals and not giving in, and for our girl supporting him in that.  His dream of being TWRA officer has come true.  He will have about 4 more weeks with TWRA and ride arounds with another officer soon.  He and Katy get a trip to Gatlinburg and a week off together as luckily her fall break coincides with his break b/w Police Academy and the rest of training.  

Ok, I'm off of here to go get some things done.  I'm so pleased that it is only 8!  Usually by the time I get up, make some graphics, blog and drink coffee it's 10 a.m. on the weekends.  So yay!  We'll be going to the movies this afternoon to see Secret Life of Dogs and then Red Lobster after.  So that will be fun. 

George has plans for us tomorrow.  They sound fun.  Some exhibit he wants to see.  So we will go do that and I think we are talking Hot Chicken - maybe some Hatti B's or not.  Maybe some Flying Saucer Titan game watching and all that.  So I think most of the day will be doing all that. 

Ya'll have a great day!  I'm going for my 2nd cup of Joe! And gonna sit here and see what all everyone doing on Facebook and sip and then get started on my day.  Might write some too as I think of things I want to be in my book.  I already have some good ideas.  

MMMMM love me some Saturday.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Pen has the Last Word

Yay, it's Friday.  It has been a tough week for sure.  Just a battle trying to get anything done and being very behind is the price we are paying for training.  Normally I have Friday as a catch up day but since it is a good down day for the OK plant, then I get to do a 3 hour training today.  And this messes with me getting things done.  Oh well, I'll have to catch up before we schedule the next round most certainly.  Of course my class is this morning and then by afternoon, I'll have to spend it putting out fires for the morning and returning calls and emails that came in during the morning.  So today will not be a day for catch up.  Sigh.  But it's a Rob peter to pay Paul effect as far as time.  Choice has already been made.  But oh well, at least it's Friday.

Now I'll be able to move on to my personal agenda as the weekend is upon us.  I am happy to say as far as I know now that I have most of tomorrow until mid afternoon to myself to do things I want to do.  We are booked for our movie tomorrow.  I let George have his pick.  I wanted to see Sully and he wanted The Life of Dogs or something like that, which is a cartoon.  I'm sure it'll be cute.  I could use cute instead of heavy so I was ok with that.  He promises we can go see Sully next week.  Sure, ok.  I'm sure we will. We'll see. lol  We are going to Red Lobster after the movie.  At least we won't have to rush.

Yesterday - was a zoo.  Two conf calls (one was really unnecessary and a CYA move and the other one was a power play or a trump call I figured).  It's hard being intuitive, b/c you have a tendency to see and feel the underlying currents of nearly everything.  I hate that about myself.  I think others do not like it too b/c they know I'm on to them. While it's useful it's also very annoying - to us all.  I think that is why people get mad at me sometimes.  I figure them out.  And of course to see it in black and white and know w/o a doubt that have done so, makes me an enemy.  I hate that too.  The truth can set you free but it draws the line in the sand all too often.

I can't even remember where all the time went yesterday.  Oh yeah.  I had a unemployment claim to respond to, which required involvement with 3 other people and some data to prove some things.  Then I had to type the response.  I worked on it all day b/w calls and interruptions.

The good thing is that there are some good things going on.  The bad thing is that there are lot of cards and issues stacked against us.  What doesn't totally knock you down makes you stronger right? lol  Well I sure hope so.

In an audio book I'm listening to, the phrase, "the pen has the last word" was spoken and it really has struck a chord with me.  How true is that?  I suppose in today's society and the internet - the keystroke should be mentioned instead.  Maybe as instantaneous as the internet is though, it's not so true anymore?  Whereas in older times to put something in writing was harder to do and more permanent.

Anyway, it made me think of my blog and how the blog is the last word for me.  Treat me wrong yesterday, it's in black and white today.  My keyboard gets the last word.  I hate conflict.  I hold it in and then blog about my frustration at the next blog entry.  It's very cathartic.  It creates much less friction that way.  Unless of course the person you have the encounters with reads the blog.  What surprise there is when they realize that you have discovered their foibles and have not only realized them but have written about them.  And while no names mentioned, usually, it must sting to see the truth, or how I feel about what I've witnessed.

George no longer reads the blog as it made him mad.  He said that he doesn't get a say on here b/c it's my blog.  And he liiiiiiiikes his say.  I don't always get a say in our conversations.  I never get the chance to say anything.  And I don't like conflict so most of the time I won't say what I'm thinking.  But let it build up to a point - and it's going to bubble over like a volcano that has been building up momentum for a 100 years.  lol  Luckily it doesn't happen often but when I don't get enough sleep or my "I've had enough cup" overflows - the verbal lashing comes out.  And it is 100% full of exactly how I feel and not only about that issue but EVERY other thing that has bothered me for the last century.

And then, I'll come blog about that too.  Yes for sure, "The Pen/Keystroke gets the last word" in my world.