Saturday, October 22, 2016

Work Day Bombs and Weekend To Do List

Well, there ya have it.  A picture of my day yesterday.  You come to work, with your heart all about a new day and hoping it will be better, that it will be productive, that your integrity and positiveness will pull you through, and although much of the day is rough on the front lines, you hold your own, make good choices, solid decisions, do what your field's code of conduct has led you to do, and although the day spreads you thin, you can feel good about how the day went.

But, in the first few hours, right as the brain is in it's finest moments of the day, when the sun is shining bright with it's morning light through the window, the mood is light, the attitude hopeful that much will be accomplished, and that is when the bomb comes and it blows you away.

And that obviously destroys the day.  I mean a bomb is not a pretty thing. It's ugly, it destroys and not just a positive attitude, but everything!  It literally takes you out of your seat.  No one wants to be where a bomb has been dropped.  It's a dead place.  It's ugly.  You can't do much in the spot where a bomb has hit.  One would simply want to come home in the presence of their secure shelter to avoid the next bomb that is likely to come through.

Apologies come from the one who bombed.  But while one can still forgive, the damage is done right? You are left to pick up the pieces - or simply replace what can't be pieced.

Well, it takes me about 24 to 48 hours to recover from someone's misgivings.  But I do recover.  Much like the aftermath of a bomb though, the damage is done.

I have been told I'm a rock, and I'm resilient and all that stuff.  But I am a loyal and sensitive person that wants to go a good job and I take pride in what I do.  I take pride in the fact that I uphold integrity in the position.  And while I'm not perfect and neither is anyone else, we still need to treat each other with dignity and respect.

I have suspended and written up people in the past week for not treating each other with dignity and respect, yet I have been mistreated myself.  What's the irony in that one?  lol

So yeah, there was a verbal altercation in which I kept my cool but the other person did not.  Matter of fact they did a lousy job of it.  And while I knew they weren't really so much angry with me, they kinda were.  Because I am the one in charge of the situation at hand.  I'm the one holding the wheel of integrity here to decide the next steps I take.

An apology came and while that was much appreciated and somewhat helpful - the damage to my heart, my psyche, and my position was done.  My first response was to run away, retreat, quit, retire, get in the car and drive to the beach.  I did flee.  I went to the border (Taco Bell) with tears streaming down my face, thinking how I hated this side of town, I hated the fact that the harder your work at a job the harder it is to do, how I hated that evil even existed on this earth, but then I don't give up, and I hated the fact that the person you call for advice yells so loudly you feel like you've just ruined their day and everyone elses.  I asked for my tacos and a frozen baja blast.  The frozen machine was not working.  Well fine, what in the world does work?  So I took and accepted my unfrozen baja blast and I wiped the tears from my eyes and grabbed by tacos and headed back to obliterated bomb area and sat in my blasted seat and ate.

It was very hard to get back into the work the rest of the day.  I felt like my purpose was gone.  My head and my thoughts were just depleted.  I had no words, no desire, but somehow I stayed.

And that is how my day went yesterday.  I did nothing wrong, yet I felt the world of atlas on my shoulders.

Today is Saturday and as of this moment, for two days, I'll work on my to do list here and on my own agenda.  While yesterday provided no rewards for working on an agenda, today will!

So I'm off of here to do things like the following:

____Plan where to eat tonight

____What time we are meeting our friends tomorrow for our out of town church event to see old friends

____Fall clothes tubs

____Order luggage

____plan Thanksgiving

____What to take to fall fest next week

____Get Christmas shopping dates on the calendar

____Plan our neighborhood dinner in Nov

____Figure out when to decorate for Christmas and get it on the calendar.  (We are busy and it looks like not much time for it so I have to carve out and reserve time).

____Bag up some oatmeal for work in little baggies with clusters, nuts, fruit.  (This has less sugar).

____Grocery list for next week's needs

____Meal planning for next week

____Add some things to the online Walmart order

____Clean house





Ya'll have a great day!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Being Frank!

This looks like a scene from Ellijay, GA.  Love this pic.  Wouldn't it be fun to live in those houses behind the barns in the very back next to the woods?  How wonderful to have a country scene to walk in every day.  The thoughts one can muster up with the country road gravel crunching beneath the feet.  Sounds energizing somehow.  

Yesterday I seemed to have pulled some small miracles getting through a series of disciplinary letters that needed to be typed from a few situations - much of my week has entailed typing of conversations, and I was able to prep for an upcoming unemployment phone hearing by developing a timeline of events.  So that was typed up and distributed to those that will be witnesses. That always keeps you on track when in a hearing or legal situation.  

I entered some terms on our transportation payroll.  And handled some things for transport.  I also ran some ads for sales and set up the smart sheet.  While doing so, I asked my assistant if she had time to come in and watch and let me show her how it worked to do the smart sheet and link it to the ad so the applicants can apply and it dump right into the smart sheet.  She was actually excited to get to do so.  I told her I had promised that I would enhance her career/future and help her to grow into the field.  So we will be starting to do some extra things.  She has seen the investigation of harassment and how that worked.  I will be sitting down with her and explaining FMLA and how that works as far as administration.  And letting her take some on line classes from Fred Pryor as we have a free pass - well for $199 all year we have a free pass.  lol  Anyway I spent about an hour showing her how I manage the ad process.  

She has been helping me out a lot with transport as far as checking on background checks and drug screens and such and I'm grateful.  But I'm often behind as to what is going on when I jump back in.  I don't want to miss getting anyone enrolled for dispatch and/or missing getting them on payroll.  

And that is about as far as I could get yesterday.  Of course there were a lot of things in between, several interruptions, emails, calls, etc.  Like I prepped with the GM of another plant for the hearing and getting their side of the story.  And such.  

It's been a busy and harry week.  I lost my patience once and "told it like it is" once.  No yelling just was very frank.  I always laugh and say that my other personality is Frank.  I'm careful usually who I say that too 'less someone take me serious. No I don't have split personalities!  lol  I said if I ever do dress like Frank, just have 'em haul me in to the psycho ward. What I mean all joking aside, is that when I'm tired I'm frank (quite honest and quite a bit more wordy with less filters and add a level of sarcasm in relation to the level of tiredness).   On most days, I am just quiet.  And deal with it and offer suggestions.  When it gets ridiculous, on top of me being tired - that is when I begin to get impatient and very honest and telling it like it is.  

For example, I know that our computer systems are not the best in the world.  They are not up to date.  An example is that my Microsoft is about 3 versions behind what the corporate office people have, we do not have an HRIS system and have to do what we have to do manually.  Our main system you use PF keys to get around in it and it has a blue screen and white letters and the mouse won't work to operate in it.    I've accepted the fact that the system does weird things on occasion like not let me print, or makes me login to email 4 or 5 times some days before I can get email, and sends emails in chunks - like one minute you have answered all your emails and then woops here come 10 more at once, and you can't even leave an out of the office message without having to have the IT dept set it up for ya.  So if I'm out you likely won't know it.  And just quirky things here and there that are minor on most days.  But they grow to be big annoyances on days when I'm tired, put out, or stressed already.  On one of these days....I might start fussing and or laughing about how we should just go home and get our cave outfits and clubs to match the outdated software.  Where on a normal day I'd just let it roll off. lol  And I might bring it up all day long if that is what the current thorn in my side is.  There is just something about being tired and stressed that makes me say what the current state of affairs is pronouncedly <-----a new word I guess.  I might even call IT and ask them why we are so outdated in our software.  lol  It just becomes my thing for the day.

So yeah, it's just good for everyone if I get sleep.  I turn into a thorn in the side when things don't go right.  It's my nature anyway to want things to go right and be as good as they can be.  I don't like for things to be faulty, and I like to control my environment. And I want everyone else to do what they are supposed to do and I have a high expectation that they will.  I don't like to be treated differently from others either.  For example if we have the updated software available, then why can't I be updated too?   It hurts my feelings and bothers me worse on days when I'm tired and makes me think I'm not good enough then to have what others have.  Usually things like that roll off - unless I'm tired.  Then I want to know WHY! lol 

I'm not that bad, but it is noticeable even to me how much more honest and revealing I am about my feelings and how I think about the current state of the issues, but I do tease about becoming a bear on those days.  

Last night I left about 4:25 b/c I was at a good stopping point and nearly brain dead from concentrating.  So I came home and took the dogs out.  We had pizza that we made from Naan bread.  And I played on the PC some and read some.  So it was a nice evening.  I went to bed at 8:30 but didn't go to sleep until about 10.  lol   Mainly b/c I played on the ipad.  Might get to do some of that this morning too b/c we are going to vote this morning if we can get in, but the polls don't open til 8.  I just want to get it over with.

It's so good that it is Friday.  I need a change of thought pattern and need to be able to work on my own agenda.  I have a lot I need to do as far as planning.  Need to plan for our neighborhood party, for the food I'm taking to work on fall fest day, need to plan thanksgiving and get the ingredient list together, need to plan our shopping excursion events b/c if we don't get the dates on the calendar it won't happen.  Need to schedule a hair appt, pedicure, figure out when to go to the gym and get some walking in.  Need to plan out my vacation days.  Need to get some housework done.  Need to grind two more weeks of coffee.  And so forth.   

Oh that cool air feels so good this morning!  It finally decided to be fall!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Work Difficulties and My Place in Heaven

Yesterday was a little difficult.  With not much sleep, overworked, and no time to get anything done and every one needing me across the board, it meant having very little patience for nonsense.  I mean at what point does a person just say "enough already" and give the home alone scream, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". 

It's truly hard to write/concentrate with people needing so many things.  But I finally got everything typed up.  I am going to cancel training for supervisors for next week b/c of a hearing.  All the training is going to have to be on hold until I can get caught up.  Folks are still waiting on ads to be run.  I've just not had time but hopefully today.  I was able to get to workers comp yesterday and update the OSHA log.  Been trying to get to that for 2 weeks but something always trumped it.  I have to work on the hearing case today.  And I'm hoping to get to FMLA's for the week as there are some urgent things there I need to respond to.  I have a lot of October stuff that I need to do that I can't get to and quite a few projects that are urgent that just sit there decaying.  This is just crazy.  I also have reviews to send out for Nov, Drug Free Program recertification, figure cost of holiday gift cards, send out the next quarter's drug random list authorization forms...on and on and on.

Oh well, it's Thursday and I will try again today to make progress.  But it makes you feel bad when you know people are waiting on things. But it is what it is.  I think there are a few more things that I can give my assistant now that she is getting the hiring done.  Of course the hiring is really never done b/c it's rare when one stays, but she is efficient in what she is doing and so she has time to take on more from me.  That is a good thing.  

Well, it was a relief when I finally got to leave at 5:40 yesterday.  I sure don't want to be on that side of town after dark.  Unfortunately day light savings time is coming and I will have to be but I'll leave when everyone else does and that way there will be plenty of us around.   

It was a relief to come home to quietness and no one needing anything.  lol  I did some catch up on laundry and cleaned kitchen while George went to see his Mom.  He has to go right at a certain time b/c of their dinner.  He stays about 45 min and then heads back here.  The chili heated while he was gone.  Right as I was about to sit down to play a game on the computer for fun, he came home.  So I didn't get to play last night or read but we did watch Below Deck.  I love that show and I hate it when it is over.  But it was 8:30 after we finished watching and my eyes were so heavy.  So I took the doggies out and headed for bed.  I slept good last night.  

We are planning a neighborhood get together for the 2nd Fri in Nov.  

and Next Friday is our Fall Fest at Work. 

And I need a vacation day but I'm gonna have to get over it.  lol 

Ahhhh sorry for complaining so much.  If I didn't care, I wouldn't complain.  I just always have a lot to do both at home and at work.  God somehow manages to place a lot of responsibility on me, but I guess he knows I can handle it and he'll provide the rewards for all the hard work one day.  Like maybe in heaven, I'll have like the best Farmville2 game ever and will have time to play it.  I think my quarters in heaven will be a log cabin on the edge of an ocean.  When do you ever see that?  lol  I think one side will be mountains and the other beach.  All my favorite pets will be there from all my life.  My joy will be complete.  I'll have a mac computer.  I hear they have those in heaven too.  I will get to write and publish books for the others to read up there.  And we'll get to do what we love to do.  
Well that was a peaceful moment.  The house never needs cleaning either.  There is no dust in heaven.  ;-)  

Well, I guess I better go and try to scoot in early.  It's going to rain today and tonight and bring some cooler temps.  Yay.  Its has been more like September than October.  I went to water my pansies and they were almost withered away completely plant and all.  I felt bad.  New plants and I should have paid them more attention.  Truth is I just simply don't have time to nurture plants.  We are rarely here and I can barely get ourselves nurtured.  

Anyway, ya'll have a splendid day.  I think I get to start a new audio book at some point today.  Almost finished with the Mennonite one, which was hilarious.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Doc Appt, More Tests, Time Suckers, and Venting!

Well, I had my GYN appointment yesterday.  And there are some issues and b/c of those issues they wanted to do a blood test which I did yesterday, and I have to do an ultrasound of my uterus next Wednesday.  Based on those results, they may have to do a biopsy of my uterus (or not) to test for cancer.  So I am trying to think positive and not let any of this worry me.  I mean after all, it is going to be what it is going to be.  But I would appreciate prayer b/c really that is the only thing that could possibly impact it differently.  But God will allow what he will.  Hopefully God is not through with me yet.  But perhaps He is.  It's His choice really.

So it is a waiting game.  I suppose I won't know anything much for a while.  Probably not even next Wed.  Seems like I have been through something similar before.  And it turned out ok.  The doc did say that much of the time when these tests and biopsies are done, they are fine.  Til then and we know, then life just goes forward.  

I had to wait for the doctor who did not get there until after 10.  She was doing an early morning fairly urgent hysterectomy across town at St. Thomas and said it took an hour longer than planned.  So I had tried to stay off my phone b/c I hate to be on my phone when the doc comes in.  But after an hour I was bored of watching people park in the parking lot (the view from the office window).  At least it was a pretty view from the 7th floor.

The doctor really costs my work some money keeping me out the extra hour.  Not only the pay if you were to assign an hourly rate, but the loss of productivity from my office and not only that since they don't open for the first appt til 9, that was an extra hour I had to sit at home on my bum waiting to leave.  So it was a waste of a morning really work wise.  Of about 3 hours.  So finally when I got to work I did the out box, the inbox, the voice mail, the emails of many, which had umpteen resumes for me to plug in to the smart sheets.  One of the emails I had to was to run more ads for sales in two other markets.  

Now I don't mind running these ads, but what I do mind is running ads and no one paying attention to the resumes and then it be too late b/c they are outdated and they want me to run them again.  That is just a waste of money and time (which is money).  And a waste of time X 2 really b/c not only is it a waste of time for that, but it wastes time that could be spend on something else.  Normally I try within 12 business hours to get an ad up and running from the date of request.  I'm now 2 to 3 days out of being able to even think about meeting that request, due to other urgent issues.  Such as employee issues that have to be investigated.  Now THAT is truly a TIME SUCKER.  It's just like a workers comp injury.   Everything else stops.  And then everything else backs up.  And we are so backed up right now it's a like a stoppage in someone's bowels - nothing is moving!  It's like HR diverticulitis and everything goes in these literal side pockets of the HR intestinal walls and in holding pattern til everything begins moving again.   lol  And there is a lot of bowels to move through that gets stuck!  Sorry for the analogy, but honestly I couldn't think of anything that was quite as appropriate.  Some of the things that come across my office shouldn't be if people just would do what they are supposed to and respect one another.  That's it.  If only people would relax and be nice it would be like a laxative to HR, we could get stuff done, and we could actually service people and help them, and help the company.  But right now, we are just handing out bandaids and doing surgery in some areas and having stoppages in others and bleeding in yet other areas.  It's not a very pretty, nor healthy thing.  

So I did not do ads yesterday and they are quite honestly pretty far down the list right now.  When there are two ads, that usually means 6 as I run in several locations and setting up two smart sheets. 
And a lot of time plugging in resumes afterwards for the indeed program which won't allow them to go directly into the smart sheet. 

And then yesterday I did the Bureau of Labor Statistics report.  If you get behind on that they will worry the absolute toot out of you.  Which we know that worrying the toot out of someone DOES work.  But most of the day was spent going over the employee issues and determining what needs addressing and with whom and just needing to have a call and then get those items wrapped up. 

I have one manager that is not returning my call regarding a hearing next week.  And if he does not I am calling his boss b/c I've tried three times to get this manager to respond.  Two by phone and one by email.  Nothing on the previous two times.  Not answering my call and not returning my email.  This is really making me mad.  I don't want to have to do a hearing either but I'm having to stop and work on this case, so I will worry the toot myself until I have a response.  If a manager makes a call on a termination or provides info to HR and I take that information and process on my end based on that, and we end up having to defend actions, there better be a step up to the plate of that person if I'm spending hours on my end defending their actions.  And if not...everybody gonna know it - or at least the one that counts.  And it'll likely be the last time.  

So...I have so much on my desk to do.  And hoping to make some progress today.  I may have to shut my door for a day to catch up after having to spend nearly a week on employee issues.  I have two hundred something other people needing my attention instead of just 4 people who can't get along.
I'm going to be hard to get along with if I don't get some real work done.  Geez.  

We went to see The Accountant last night.  It was really good.  A little more violence than I prefer to see.  But very interesting.  I think it may get some nominations!  We'll see.  Lots of pretty good movies coming out, as the previews were good.  

Well, I better get off of here and get into work early so I can get something done.  It's really sad that the people that can't get along, are making me having to work more and work harder b/c of it.  And quite honestly, I don't mind telling them that and that I don't appreciate it.  I've been known to let people know the facts as I see it.  Matter of fact, at what point do you say that you are being harassed yourself?  I have people that are keeping me from doing MY job and it is repeated b/c it's the same people. lol lol.  Maybe I'll file my own damn claim.  lol Just kidding! But some days you feel like it.  Because you are bothered, it is repeated, and it is keeping you from doing your job.  It almost qualifies.  lol

Ok I'm done venting so now I can park my frustration here about not having time to do anything.  And I can go to work and try to be nice and act like nothing is bothering me.  Others will be frustrated though b/c everyone is already having to wait for their stuff to be done.  I'm just not able to respond and meet immediate needs right now.  Pick that number or pick that nose, cause it's not gonna be done quickly til I get out of this jam. 

So til then....

Or not. 

Enjoy it anyway.  I'll be trying!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Where is Fall, Quiet Work Day, and Crushes!

Well, it's time for fall, but fall has not arrived here in TN yet.  When I left work at 5 the reading was 87.  :-(  Not acceptable.  We fought it but we had to turn the a/c on.  It was hotter in the house than it was outside the last couple of days.  George says it's b/c the house is insulated well and it retained the heat.  I think I saw where toward the end of the week, we have a system come through that will bring the temps down.

Yesterday was not bad at all.  It was a very quiet day.  Not a lot of activity.  The only activity I had was mainly at the end of the day b/w 3 and 4:30.    I am glad that it was quiet b/c most of the things that I was working on required some constant and clear concentration.  I had to find where a 10,000 increase was in our insurance billing for last month.  Found it pretty quickly.  Then I had to run 6 ads and set up corresponding smart sheets for the applicants to apply into.  And then I had to finish investigating a situation and get that all typed up.  Then I had to send a drug screen authorization to OKC, and then I talked to an employee about FMLA and Short Term and called to check on a Short Term and to also see why on earth they sent a letter to ME stating they were about to process "MY" short term disability.  lol  I am not sure what was going on.  But I think what happened is that they got my name and address off of the employer section of the employee's that I sent in and processed to me instead.  No money involved and when I called back she said there was nothing under that claim number so it must have been removed.   This is the 3rd time I had tried to contact them.  Turns out the person that processed it is no longer there.  I told her that someone could have gotten back with me so I didn't have to keep calling - but I guess no one wants to admit a mistake so they just deleted it, and ignored me. I didn't tell her the latter part, but was it was implied.  :-O  That's ok, my stubborness got me on the phone with someone.   They still did not admit anything.  They just said they don't know what happened.  But when I started out describing the letter, she said "I know I see that, it almost looks like they are extending someone's leave".  So that showed me she could see "something" on her end. lol  duhhhh.  Any what that was interesting.  I meant to say "anyway" but typed any what, and I think I like that better! ha!  I may start using that.

Well it's Tuesday.  I am really in the mood to go in early and try to get to the next several urgent things on my list, in my stack, but I have my annual GYN appointment.  It's not until 9.  And I'll have to leave about 8:15 though.  It's only about 15 to 20 min away with all the red lights but with morning traffic, and the parking a little bit of walking and getting to the office by elevator means I better leave a bit early.  Also it takes about 5 to 8 minutes to give dogs treats, descent from my upstairs, grab belongings, water for the day, get settled in the car, open and shut garage door, back out and try not to hit all George's vehicles (Rav4, Honda, Van - and yes we are paying insurance on all 4 cars if you include the one I'm driving).  So...yeah...8:15 leave time and that gives me time to do blog entry and start up the laundry and catch up.

I fixed chili last night.  It wasn't my best - but it was also eaten within the hour and I did not put a beer in it simply b/c I did not want to go downstairs to the basement fridge and get one.  lol   That's the deal, if you wanna beer, you gotta go up and down stairs to go get it.  Maybe I'd already been once.  ;-)  But I didn't want to go again.  ha.  Anyway most of my chili and soups have a dark beer in them which adds a distinct flavor that I like.  At first I typed "bear" instead of beer - lol.  Now that would be interesting.  I can't type this morning for some reason.  The chili may taste better this morning.  I added a spice I shouldn't have.  Might have been tarragon b/c I love it so - but there was just a spice that didn't quite go.  Anyway, it was still good and I dumped a bunch of cheese and tortilla chips in there.  lol

The Mississippi Mud brownies are even better now.  I took one to work yesterday and it was pretty good!  Hit the spot!

We watched a Eric Johnson DVD last night, live in Austin, TX.  George gave me a choice of videos and I picked that and he said "well she's got her a crush on Eric!"  I was surprised.  Didn't know what to say.  Should I say "well he is cute and talented".  I had to figure out, "does someone in their 50's have a crush on anyone?"  "what does crush even mean to someone married and in their 50's?" Generally yes, I know what a crush used to be.  Someone that you just absolutely adored, thought was attractive, and idolized the idea of being with that person as a love interest.   Let's see. Let's have a little fun with this.   The first on line dictionary that I looked at said a crush is "To be infatuated or enchanted with someone, esp to be secretly in love with someone older and more worldly than oneself".    

   Well, so, an infatuation is an intense short lived passion.  No I don't have that - I have no passion or passionate feelings for the guy.  My adoration for him is not seemingly short lived.  I appreciate his talent, and like the sound he creates.  His nice looks certainly do go along with the appreciation though.  If he were extremely ugly and a cone head his appeal to me might not be as strong. Although it wouldn't take away my admiration of his talent. So there is definitely something about the entire package of nice looks and talent that keeps me a fan.    Am I secretly in love with him?  No I should say not. lol  I don't wish to be with him nor do I imagine it, nor do I have loving feelings toward - so that is out.  I am not really sure of his age.  I am guessing older than me but I've not looked.  lol   Is he more worldly than me? Probably so in his travels and experiences.  But that doesn't mean he's a crush.  lol  So after a long pause and review of all that- I said "no I don't think I have a crush on him but I think he's talented and his looks aren't bad."  lol

And that is that.  Nope, no crush.  But there is that "enchanment" part of the crush that intrigues me.  "A feeling of great pleasure or being under a spell."  Hmmmm...his music and persona does give me some pleasure, and I am under a spell a bit while watching.  But it's more from a musical perspective.  But he is cute.  So there is a small sliver of a tiny molecule of a crush if you look at it from the enchantment part of it.  So maybe I should go back and tell him I have more than thoroughly thought it through, and yes, there is a miniscule part of me that has a crush on Eric Johnson b/c of the fact that he brings a small enchantment to my world.  But naw, I guess I'll just let it be.  If he reads the blog, he'll know for sure I have a crush on Eric Johnson.  And he'll know for sure we have about a miniscule chance of it working out.  lol  I did not demand to go see him at the winery though, so...I think George has won out.  lol lol lol

Well, George is giving me assignments to take the dogs out since I'm home longer so that means that I have to rearrange my morning and rush a bit more.  It takes Roger 15 to 20 minutes to poop.  I thought I was going to have some time but not as much as I thought. Isn't that the way it goes.  When someone figures out you have found some time, they want a piece of it.  Oh well, that is ok I guess.  I don't mind taking the dogs out.  But I am a creature of habit and a creature of planning, and I like for things to go the way I planned.  Minor details.  But yet b/c of my persona, a little annoying.  lol

Off I go to rush off as usual.  You all have a lovely and beloved day!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Titans Game, Tailgating, and Mississippi Mud

Had fun aat the Titans game yesterday.  Above, Steve retrieves the Cleveland Brown doll (with noose attached) where a Cleveland Brown fan had run off with it.  George chased them saying "hey you can't have that" and the fan threw it onto the roof.  So Steve decided to just sling it around.  I think maybe in these days and times the doll is going to end up creating a "situation".  lol  But it's all in fun for most of us.  And the Titans won.  Looks like the guy in the red shirt is praying but there was a helicopter circling.

I made Mom's Mississippi Mud from a recipe that I copied from Mom's recipes when I was a young kid.  I was thinking 11 or 12 but it may have been that I was that age when she made them but I believe I actually copied the recipe while creating my home economics recipe box for school in 9th grade.  Never had made them until now and it was on my "bucket list" of things to make.  I will say that they seemed to be a big hit before and after the game.  I'll be posting the recipe in my Recipe blog when I get a chunk of time to do that.  I have several to post.  It may not be til after the first of the year. lol

The eating is the most fun part for me.  And we love Steve and Sheri's set up with the Titan truck.  

Here's George's jambalaya.  His sister gave him the perfect container for keeping hot things hot.  It's like a big thermos for tailgaiting, camping or whatever.  It was great.  

My plate - you couldn't see very well but I had salad, boudan sausage, a wing, chips and dip (2 kinds of dip), a half of a hot dog, and George's jambalaya.  

My view from my tailgating chair!

Since they won't let you bring a purse - that usually contains everything I need, when it came time for sunglasses, I was without.  But I decided I'd not be stressed or miserable.  I mean what could one do at that point when we are not in our vehicle.  And even if we were I'd not have gone back to get the prescription glasses.  But George suggested using one of the hats decorating the inside of Steve's van.  So I did.  And put it back when Game was over.  I was really glad too.  Matter of fact, I think George wished he had a hat as well.  It did help a lot with the direct sun and heat toward the last half of the game.

So we were sitting there and George sees his sister on the Jumbo Tron thingie.  She and Kevin were holding the Titan Up flag.  They had a blast doing that.

I tried to get a pic, but I was on the iphone and it doesn't do well with zoom in's like a good camera would do.  

Anyway, Steve and Sheri had two extra tickets for someone that couldn't come.  So she said that we could invite them to come down and join us at our seats.  So about half time they did.  And they joined us for the afterward tail gate party, which is usually just consuming some non-perishable left overs while waiting for traffic to go by.  We enjoyed hanging with my BIL and SIL.  

We discussed Thanksgiving and we will be having it at our house and I invited them and their (married) kids and we'll bring Granny over.  Hopefully Katy and Cody can come too.  And I'm looking forward to this.  And honored to have everyone come hang with us and eat Turkey and while it will be a little sad not going to KY, it just seems right to do it here for Granny who is so close.  I've offered also to do her birthday here at the house or we can plan a little thing at her apartment.  

Well, anyway it was a great day.  Always after a game, I am so tired.  The sun and the whole process just wears me out.  I tried to play a game but kept nodding off.  I told George I would just go on to bed.  So it was about 7:30 when I got in bed and both dogs wanted to be with me.  But I gave doggies a tummy rub and petted them and talked with them and then when I wanted to go to sleep, they wanted down with George.  lol  So I let them down but they came back soon after.  And then I finally got to sleep and then Katy came home.  She had to be on this side of town for a dinner.  So she spent the night since her teaching job is also closer to here.  

I had told George, that she could come say hi.  So she had come back to say hi to the dogs.  And hopefully me, but probably to say hi to the doggies.  lol 

At 4 when the alarm went off, I was rested and ready to get up.  Maybe I should go to be at 7:30 every night!  Yeah that would give me hour at home to do laundry and try to have some kind of dinner meal.  lol  

I need to get off of here and get in early if I can.  My assistant is off today and I have a butt load of things people are waiting for me to do for them.  The race is on.  But in reality - I'm only able to do the work of two or three and not anymore than that.  lol lol lol.  What?  We've been doing the work of two or three since about the mid 90's.  That is just the way jobs are structured now.  lol

I better go before I go down that path.  Ya'll have a great day.  Tonight I'll come home and make chili! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Saturday's Bliss and Getting Things Done!

Had a great day yesterday.  Don't have a lot of time as we are about to go to the Titans game.  Stayed home until about 2 yesterday.  George had built up some errand running but I didn't want to be out and about all day as I had a lot to do at home.  So George went out and ran some of the errands before me.  He came by and got me for the 2nd half of errand running! ha.

We both got quite a bit done in the morning though.  I had some selfie time being creative and making blog topper for Halloween.  I wanted to do two different colors/types but couldn't decide so I just did both in one picture.  That is why it is half and half.  lol  A little odd but that's me.  lol

And I did some laundry and ironing but that was not my main focus.  I took some things down stairs from storage.  We measured the prints that will go above the bed.  (Ok George measured, I was just the person that said "a little more to the right" and "down a little further".  We figured out what pic will go in the bathroom.  George figured out where his ukelele will hang but has to order the wood holder that matches our bedroom.

We got the middle room all fixed up (our old bedroom).  I have the comforter washed and on the bed.  I need more pillows for shams though for both bedrooms.  I thought I had enough but I don't.  I'll just buy some when we go out Christmas shopping.  I don't get expensive pillows!  But I do like them to be just right.  I think I need 4.  Might get a larger size for our kingsize bed and send the ones we are using for the sham pillows.  ;-)  So George gave me Katy's shoe rack and his went in his closet and so then I asked him to move his music stuff from the middle bedroom so I could put the shoe rack there.  So I told him he could put his music stuff in the dining room corner as he uses it mostly in there and the connecting living room anyway.  It doesn't look offensive.  If anyone comes over it just looks like "work in progress".  It can be moved if we have serious company.  ha. Most of our company is NOT serious.

I vacuumed which made me happy as it had been 2 weeks and there was cut grass all over the place where we tracked it in from taking the dogs out.  So bad the cannister had to be emptied to finish.  I did NOT work on fall clothes as it was hot as hades in the house yesterday once the sun came up good.  About 11 it was almost unbearable.  It felt good outside though so it was weird.  George said it's b/c our house has good insulation.  Anyway I refused to turn the a/c on.  I just dealt with it.  I did get the fall tubs to the end of the stairs though and that way it's ready to go for next weekend or whatever weekend that the next week will actually have fall air.  It's going to be hot again next week with temps in 80's so why hurry with all those heavy clothes?

Anyway we went to see Granny and then went to the store and then came back and I made Mississippi mud brownies. This is before I iced them.  They have marshmallows in them!  

 I hope they are good.  It's Mom's recipe so it should be.  I had written it as probably a 10 year old.

Well, it's shower time for me.  Pics later.  Maybe I can add it in when on the way to the Titans game. We are off to tailgate and go to the Titans. Surprised I got this entry in.