Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wispy Clouds, a Night Out, and a Yachting Excursion

The clouds were really pretty yesterday.  My phone not doing it justice, but I noticed how wispy they were, meaning the atmosphere was a little cooler up there.  We had our first taste of cool weather last night as well as the cooler air came in.  I think it was forecast to be around 60.  I could feel the relief as I sat with some screens open in the sun room last night.  I should be there this morning too typing, but I am here at my desk. 

I've had a little trouble this morning, it's still not over, but my left pinky and ring finger were slept on last night and went numb on me.  Normally moving positions will bring the feeling back.  I've been up nearly an hour now and the feeling is not all the way back yet in these two fingers.  I can tell it has improved though by about 70% so at least I know it is coming back.  I think it must be a nerve thing then and not a blood flow thing.  But this was a bit scary this morning.  This has not ever happened before.  No other limbs are doing this and nothing else anywhere is effected.  The typing is helping too.  So that is good.  Maybe the coffee is too.  lol 

Yesterday went really fast for a Monday.  It wasn't too wild either and that was good.  There were a few interruptions though as we tried to accomplish what others needed but all figured out.  A few fires as always and a few last minute surprises and woops but I think all were sufficiently taken care of and thwarted.  

I worked on annual reviews for the GM's yesterday afternoon, worked on some OSHA needs regarding OSHA logs which I scanned for another supervisor as OSHA is coming in for an obviously planned visit on Wed.  The rest of the day was emails (loads of them), looking up b/g checks and d/s's and following up on a few things, and the fires and interruptions. Today I will get started gathering the info for our annual EEOC reporting.  

Continuing to worry (and notice) the aging of my Tugie.  Her changes, have been subtle til now.  She is probably having some fluid build up or something with her heart that makes her cough.  She's always coughed but she coughs more loudly now - especially when she gets excited.  I think really that the last rounds of meds she's had - may have helped her in the short run, but hurt her in the long run.  I think they have further aged her.  She no longer has an ear infection but she can't hardly hear now.  And the allergy meds seem to have made her heart/breathing worse.  Go figure.  Isn't that the way meds do all of us?  Takes care of the immediate issue but causes longer term issues or other problems?  She is very clingy now and wants to be in the room with me wherever I am.  Bless her.  But she still seems happy at times so I don't think her quality of life is over just yet.  I do think this heart/coughing thing is getting a little more serious of an issue for her though.  Bless her.  I just love her and tell her that every day now. I did anyway.  But now I have to get in her face and tell her and kiss her head b/c she doesn't always hear me.  :-(  Her sight and her hearing is going.  It's there enough for her to get by, but you can tell that sometimes she can't see you and can barely hear.  She doesn't always come when called now.  You have to be right in front of her.  Loud noises scare her.  She knows something happened but what once she would recognize and a normal household noise, scares her. 

Katy and I went to get our toes done and out to dinner.  A thoroughly enjoyable evening.  The new place we go for toes this year is worth the extra $10.  Wine, and also more massaging and more things go on your legs, sloughing scrubs, creams, oils---ahhhhh.  This one last night massaged my feet like no other.  Oh yeah.  

We went to Jonathan's and had dinner.  I got the alfredo.  It was so heavenly.  The past year or two I have diminished my pasta ordering b/c I really ate too much of it and have tried to cut out a lot of the enriched flour when I can.  I have been going for whole grain and when shopping look for the symbol.  But this just looked to be what called me most on the menu.  My second choice would have been quesadilla. ;-)  

Afterwards I came home and read.  It was 8:30 and George was just heating up dinner.  

Well, my books are really good right now and I'm enjoying them.  My least favorite is Michael Crichton's Pirate Lattitudes.  However, I keep plugging away at it.  

I noticed yesterday that there was a new Below Deck, Mediterranean coming out!  What??? I thought that the show I watched was pretty old and that was the first one.  And then all the other Below Decks came out and there have been several seasons.  I'm really confused now.  But...there is a new Below Deck, Mediterranean coming out soon with most of the original cast.  ;-)  Yay.  I like the Mediterranean cast the best.  The chef is my favorite.  Love his accent and he's just very cool.  lol 
So I'm enjoying this show with my love for the ocean, boats, and of course my love of reality TV and watching how they react to one another and react to situations and develop relationships --or not.  Plus they focus a lot on the food and in how they please their charter guests.  So it just has all the elements of a perfect show for me.   

I find myself thinking: 

If I could afford to spend 100,000 on a week long yachting excursion: 

*What food would I want to request
*What water activities would I want to do?
*What theme party would I have? 
*What activities would we do on board
*What ocean would be on? 
*What in land excursions would you have?

I've actually enjoyed planning my little gettaway that I'll never have.  Maybe I'll blog about it soon.  I don't have time today to answer all those questions.  

You think about it too.  If you could rent a charter yacht --what would you do?  I'll plan to do a blog entry soon and will do a 7 day excursion for all of us.  We can dream right? I'll invite all of you.  It's just a dream, so why not! If I ever win the lottery maybe we will make it come true.  So look forward to THAT entry!  lol

Here's my last night dinner!  Better go get ready for work.

Oh and Tugie just saw a deer out the window from her chair a room away so her vision is not as bad as I thought! lol  That was exciting.  There is a Momma and her baby and they frequent this area quite a bit.  

Have a great day!  Be dreaming about our yachting excursion!  lol  
Oh if only!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ghost Peppers, Prep for Painting, and Greek Chicken

Here are the ghost peppers that George got out of his pepper garden yesterday.  He made them into a ghost pepper sauce.  He said it was really going to be hot!

I taped the room up so we are ready to begin the painting.  I still have to do the bathroom.  A lot of taping to be done in there.  

The color I'm painting the room, will still be green but it's a lighter and softer green.  It will be sage.  And it will be a "nature" bedroom.  I had a different type of wood in mind for this bedroom.  A lighter color - like oak.  But, I believe it is going to be cherry by default.  We think we will be inheriting a cherry dresser (or something we will be using as a dresser) from George's Mom's house.  I really don't care one way or the other.  I guess it would save us money.  I prefer something different but this will do.  I'm not really that picky about it.  I'm all for saving the money and using what's available as long as it looks nice.  But it does kinda blow the picture out of the water of what I originally had in mind.  I guess the cherry will work with the sage.  And the bathroom is cherry also so it'll blend.

I've painted this bathroom before and it's NOT fun.  This is George's bathroom.  Mine is neater.  ;-).  

He has been using this as his music room. He said he hated to give it up.  I then reminded him of entire floor of a mancave downstairs!  "That's true" he responded.  

He used the new pressure cooker and the meal turned out great. He served Greek chicken for dinner.  

His looks prettier with the olives.  Mine doesn't have olives.  I don't like them.  There are few foods in the world that I do not like.  Olives is one.

And I've got to go.  I'm going to be late if I don't.

I did get a lot done though, in cleaning and laundry and the house.  Tonight is girls night with Katy as we will get our toes done and go out to eat.  They are making progress painting the house they will be moving into soon.

I did my Walmart order this morning and that took up most of my blog time, plus it was hard to get up since I kept hitting snooze.  It's hard to adjust going from getting up to 7:30 to getting up at 4 something.  Life is hard.  lol  It was good having some time off, but I just need more!

Been watching Below Deck.  I found what I guess is last season.  I need to get it watched before they do away with it.  Well, you all take care.  Gotta move on.

More tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Morning Post and Catching Up!

Well, I know, I missed a day! Some days it just doesn't work out to blog.  I slept during my blog time and it was a much needed sleep.  I caught up --sortof--from our late night out on Wed night.  I have slept 10 hours the last two nights.  

But I'll try to make up for it...

Friday, was a quiet catch up kind of day.  Although a few interruptions and a 2 hour after lunch meeting that started earlier than anticipated - was able to get a lot of my quick updates completed for the week and get the BLS reporting done (Bureau of Labor Statistics) before they combusted on us for being late.  You have a certain amount of time to complete, but they worry the toot out of you till you get it done.  I actually stayed late to get it finished on Friday.  

When I got home, we realized there was no beer left - lol.  There was one.  George left it for me.  A select 55 which is like water.  But...after a long day I was ready for a little chipper hour.  And so I partook.  We went to the beer store - we just call it "the beer store" but it is really the Mount Juliet Beer Co.  And I bought a pick six.  And we have discovered that the beer that I liked in Tybee Island is now in TN.  It is Ballast Point.  George had told me I'd probably not ever see it here so I quit looking for it.  And there it was.  He didn't even ask me - he just tossed it in the basket.  We had two baskets - one for the beer, and one for the dogs, as you can see above.  The beer store is good about that.  If it's crowded we don't take 'em in, but we were the only ones except for one other customer so in they went.  They guy that works on Friday night - and I should know his name but I don't - LOVED petting the doggies.  We also get a free pint to sip while in the store shopping.  ;-)  It was Southern Pecan on tap.  So we stocked up for a while.   And made our purchase and headed home.  The dogs seemed to do pretty well in the cart.  The one customer that was there loved it and also had to come talk to the doggies in doggy talk.  lol  Dogs make everyone's voice turn into cartoon characters.  I love it. 

We had pizza when we got home and it tasted as if we had flown up north to New York or Chicago to get it. Oh my word.  It was a frozen pizza by the Screaming Sicilian Pizza Co.  

We had the Holy Pepperoni.  And it was AWESOME with all capitals!  Wow, is all I can say.  I think it normally runs about $8 and we typically buy the Baron's for $3 but ----oh we'll be buying this again!  And it's much much cheaper than ordering it out - so why not!  Yeah this one is going to be "gotten" and "et" (redneck slang for eaten) again.

I read a few chapters and make some progress with the books.  And at one point it was torture trying to get through a chapter.  I did it and then crashed.  

We got up and had a lazy morning.  I added some things to the Walmart list, did a load of laundry, read a few blogs, and did a Gantt sheet timeline for putting our bedroom together.  I had done one at work the week before and I wanted to do one for our bedroom so I could practice doing one in excel.  The one at work was in Smart sheet.  It was fairly easy after watching the video.  I didn't have a video for the excel - probably could have found it on YouTube though.  I often forget YouTube is really good about that.  Then I realized all my morning time was gone and ---even went over a bit.  So we were late leaving for Mom's by about an hour.  

So we headed out.  We ran into some periods of rain but for the most part it was pretty dry in our adventure South.  It rained some while we were at Mom's. 

The doggies got to go.  And we are loving this new car for when we all pile up.  Well we love it all the time.  The Tugie girl is really coughing.  I just know it is her heart.  She's done this coughing a lot of her life, but now it is more frequent and a little more violent.  Her breathing is heavier.  I know she has a heart murmur.  She is 13.  She has been sick twice this week.  Her little body is wearing out.  I see the subtle changes.  I don't want to spend a lot of money keeping her alive.  I also don't want her to suffer.  She doesn't seem to be suffering though just yet.  She is uncomfortable at times, clingy always, but she still wags her tail, doesn't whimper, and still enjoys us and all things we do.  But I know that her time is slipping away from us and I have to be prepared for that.  But I won't be.  I'm more accepting of it though than I have been, if that makes sense.  I guess I just see her getting older and it's a gradual thing that I'm having to face.  Love this girl.   

Soon it will be time for a trim for her and Roger.  I will need to get that scheduled for a couple of weeks down the road.

We hung out at Mom's.  I re-decorated the blog while I was there.  I was going to leave a blog entry but by the time I did the blog, we were hungry.  We ate before the crowds.  We went to Puckett's on the square and ate at about 4:00 or so.  And then we went to the ice cream store next door.  It was Hattie Jane's.  And it is homemade ice cream!  Oh my goodness.  I guess it's good I don't live in Columbia.  I think I'd live at Puckett's and eat ice cream every day! I'd have to build a condo on the square!  

The place was really cute!  

Then we went to the book store on the square, that is next to Puckett's.  

We had a nice time out and Mom bought our dinner since it was George's birthday month.  

And our ice cream too.  

We went back to the house and stayed til about 7:45 and then headed back home.  In the rain.  It rained pretty heavy when we left Columbia.  I just drove slowly.  And then when we got to Spring Hill it was much lighter and by the time we got on the interstate it was just wet roads.  By the time we got to Nashville it was pretty much dry.  It began raining REALLY HARD again on the main highway in our hometown.  Matter of fact it was raining so hard I could hardly see where to turn on our neighborhood road.  I even had to toggle the brights to see our road.  But the rain coming down look like white ribbons raining down with the brights on so I had to toggle to be able to see where to go and stay straight on the road.  There are no lights or lines on the neighborhood roads so it was a bit hard to see with my aging eyes.  We said "good thing we have our garage".  There are times like that when you are so glad you can just pull into a dry garage and open the doors and unload everyone, the dogs, and the stuff, in NO RAIN.  

I read a bit last night and then crashed yet again.  The crash I mention feels so good. And is not really a good term for the experience....... The letting go of the day, the things to do, the cares and worries, the hopes and dreams, as the feet slide under the silky sleek cotton, the torso careens backward onto the memory foam, and the head collides against the feathery soft pillows.  As I turn on my left side, I grab the extra feather pillow, and hold it against me resting my right arm atop its plumpness and I give a surrendering sigh.  Everything is total softness and Tugie snuggles up to my knees and legs and we fall into a huge, deep slumber.  I look forward to this every night!  

George and I both have two pillows.  One for our head and one we call "the hugger pillow".  Actually George has 3 pillows.  He also has to have one that is microfiber and has those little soft pellets of foam in them.  Kinda like a bean bag chair has.  lol  He likes that for his neck.  

Anyway, sleep was heavenly.  Saturday night I dreamed we went to Paris.  (I'm reading a book about a lady that moved to Paris.)  We had fun and we were on a tour with other folks but George and I had too much fun on one stop and missed the bus which left w/o us and I lost my purse.  Eventually it worked out.  I found my purse and we caught up with the group.  lol  I forgot what I dreamed last night, but I know I dreamed b/c when I woke up I was aware of it.  But I have forgotten already. 

So I just had to redo the blog decor.  For some reason lately I've had a hard time finding one that suits.  So I switched themes, and styles and decided to go with the photos instead of a cartoon look.  I am always so pleased with the look after I get through but after a week or two I get tired of them.  The last look was just too "busy" or something.  I went for a more simple look that is pleasing to the eyes.  I also was pretty fond of our trip to Maine.  And so as of this date, the blog has a pic I took in Maine.  Many of the streets in Portland Harbor area looked like this at the end.  I loved this town.  Made me want to think about living there but the winters would be quite harsh and I'm thinking that I might not like it then.  I wished we'd had a car and more time to go tour around some.  But our little weekend away was very expensive when everything added up.  The hotel was expensive, and what we normally spend for a week anywhere else on vacation.  And of course we had to buy part of our airfare.  But I will tell you that we had a blast and we loved it.  I'd love to do something similar and go to Seattle, Denver, Phoenix (with George and go to the Grand Canyon in Scottsdale area), LA, San Fransico, somewhere in Alaska, and perhaps New York and Canada.  

Yep, I love to dream! 

Dream on. lol  I'll be lucky if we just get the master bedroom redone and painted and the King Size bed and mattress bought.  lol  But this trip and this photo just reminds me of good times and being able to do what is probably my most beloved passion - travel - or even the THOUGHT of travel.  

So you all have a good Sunday.  I have much to do today.  Devo, laundry, ironing, maybe a small trip to the store, but I may wait!  And I need to start taping up the bedroom for painting, vacuum, and so forth. 

George is going to cook our first meal in the Instant Pot today (the pressure cooker I bought him).  Dinner is about 7.  

It's a rainy day today and that is fine by me.  A nice lazy day at home.  Well, we'll be working in the house, but to me, just being home and domestic - is relaxing.  Later.  

Friday, August 19, 2016


Yeah, we be smelling some skunky this week when we go out in the mornings, and sometimes at night.  As I left the neighborhood yesterday morning, I saw him scuttling about two houses down.  One of these days....it's gonna be bad.  I fear we are going to walk out and it'll be over, all but the tomato juice baths.

They are so cute, but...........shhheewwwww weeeee!

God's animals are something.  Very unique.  Each one. 

Yesterday was rough.  The first part, getting up after only 4 hours sleep was just bad.  Just didn't feel good at all.  But picked up strength from coffee and breakfast.  

Once I ate lunch, my body started to settle and by 2 p.m. my eyes wanted to shut.  But...more coffee and continuing on.  I made progress getting all my folks entered in health, dental, vision, and life and STD for September.  

It was a fairly quiet day for once.  I had a meeting at 2 with our insurance adjusters.  And then I came home and just really didn't want to do anything.  I fixed pimiento and cheese (homemade) and ate 1/2 a sandwich of that.  And had a glass of red wine and read.  And then went to bed.  

I fell asleep probably in mid air before my head landed on the pillow.  Tugie and I snuggled and we were out!  The 4:10 alarm was not welcome.  I got about 8 hours sleep but I could have kept going. 

I do feel better today.  

Today's projects are doing the BLS reporting, and doing some follow ups and tracking on things that are behind.  I do have a very important meeting today with one of our executives on the drug screening planning.  I created a project worksheet on smartsheet.  My first time to use the project sheet.  I watched the videos to learn how to use the Gantt charting.  It was pretty easy.  So I set my dependent lines up so that as dates change, the rest of the schedule changes also.  That was kinda neat.  But before we charge down the path of doing drug screens, some decisions need to be made.  I've mapped it out and it should be very easy - just one item waits on another.  I love improvements so hopefully we can make improvements!  The drug testing needs to be done. 

Well, everyone have a great day.  Gonna get off of here and move forward myself!  TGIF!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dixie Chics in Nashville!

The Dixie Chics concert was great.  Sharing pics. We were pretty far up and away so I had to zoom in.  They gave us a great show.  This was my Christmas present from George.  

We didn't get home until after midnight so I'm really tired this morning.  Almost to the point of not being able to function.  I am a 7 hour a night person as far as sleep and anything short of that does not spell out for a good day for me.  I only have 4 hours in me.  So hopefully I will not be a bear.  My honesty side shows when I'm tired, meaning that you will hear exactly how I feel about everything.  lol  

This pic turned out great.  I am glad I snapped at the right time.

They did a prince tribute. by Natalie. Very nice.

Lots of confetti released on this song.  It was beautiful to watch.  Crowd went wild.

This was toward the end.  Landslide.  Beautiful.  

I forgot which song this one was, but it was one of the favorites.  The back droop was pretty.

This one was Wide Open spaces which is probably my favorite.

My only discomforts or unpleasantness of the show were the following:

*It was very cold inside.  We were all freezing.
*The theme seemed to be black and white mainly for the stage lighting.  And the lights were really very very very very bright and the bright whites kept shining right at us a lot of the time blinding us.  The first song was the worst but there were others and I had to just keep my hands over my eyes as I could not take it. Matter of fact it made me mad it irritated me so much.  I guess I was thinking that I didn't pay that much to be "blinded by the light".
*The bass was too loud.  I guess I've never been to a concert where the bass vibrated the chair and my heart beat the ENTIRE show lol.  I've been to a lot of concerts at the Bridgestone Arena but something wasn't mixed right about the music.
*Sometimes the music just really overpowered the voices.
*Sometimes there was just too many instruments at once.
*Some songs seemed to be just a confused mess (too much going on at once), but others were just right and beautiful.
*Would have been nice to have a screen closer to us b/c it was just really hard to see the artists.
*None of us in our party was very fond of the opening acts.  

I told you I'm really honest when I've not had any sleep.  But all that said - I love those Dixie Chics.  We have enjoyed their music for a long time and the songs are on my ipod!

I guess I'm used to smaller venues but I have been to lots in a bigger venue where you felt more like you were involved in the concert.  But again, I love the Dixie Chics and their singing was amazing.  Natalie was wonderful and her voice is as incredible as ever.   The Prince tributes were great and the crowd loved it.  There was a song at the beginning of the show with the lights completely out and then Natalie did her tribute later in the show.

Anyway, I'm going to get off of here and get ready and go in.  Today I will be entering benefits enrollments for the September enrollees.  What I really want to go is go back to bed and find some peaceful rest or restful peace - either way.  My eyes do NOT want to stay open.

I knew it would be hard doing this midweek concert, but hopefully can go to bed early tonight.

Ya'll have a great day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Missing Lunches, Impatient People, and a Show Down with a Fox

Well yesterday was a busy day as I had figured.  I had orientation with a driver first thing at 8:00 and then went to Taco Bell and go get our supervisor's lunch at 10:45 and then we ate about 11:30 and began training at about 11:50.  One of our supervisors ate another's lunch - lol.  We nearly went mad trying to figure out what happened.  One person had ordered something along with a side of nachos supreme, but they grabbed the nacho belle grande instead.  So finally we gave the one with missing lunch the nachos and our GM gave up one of his tacos.  We even had the names written on the bags so it would be easy.  lol  Oh well.  It's funny really but for a while there we were thinking that someone had just come through and taken a lunch.  Well they did - but- it was unintentional I think.  lol  At least the one not getting his proper order was a good sport and laughed about it as opposed to last week's slamming of the quesadilla lol.  Of course we gave the one that took his lunch a hard time, teasing him that his cohort was hungry now.  The class went well and they all seemed engaged.

After that it was 2 before I was back in the office and my boss had a little project for me in my chair - but it was an easy and pleasant one and then I tried to catch up with the afternoon.  We had a lot of background checks to come back with issues and I had voice mails.  I had one person who the insurance wasn't recognizing and I was in my meeting and so instead of being patient and waiting til I got out of the training meeting, they were calling everybody else in the company - including corporate.  I told my assistant, you think they could wait half an hour and give you the opportunity to try to help them before they contact congress to get involved.  But it is what it is.  Some people have to have things at a snap of the finger, but the reality of it is - I can't be in two places at once and so they ended up having to wait anyway b/c I was the only one that could help them *quickly*.  Others could eventually but my answers would be more quickly accessed by the time anyone could do anything the back way so I just shook my head in amazement.  I would say that I've never seen such impatience and better than thou attitudes, but unfortunately I have, lol.   And I knew the day would be that way b/c I was out of pocket for most of the day and I knew the emergencies would be lined up waiting for me when I got out.

So I put out fires and returned all the emails and voice mails and then I stayed an extra half hour to try and make sense of all the papers on my desk and get them in the right "slots" for being processed.  I didn't get any desk time yesterday other than putting out those fires of urgent needs and impatient needs and that one task for my boss, and sorting through the urgent background check issues.  So today I am hoping that I can work on my drug screen thing, get people enrolled in insurance for 9/1, work on some LOA issues for some folks that are out.  Our plants are starting to grow and there are things I'm dealing with at all 3 locations plus transport.  So the days are really busy.

I just need some desk time to deal with it all!  Hopefully today!  I'm about to scoot in early.

Had a good night's sleep last night.  Interesting dreams.  Silly dreams actually.  Things like being at a friends house and cleaning out their vehicle where old food was spilled from their lunch boxes.  Now why would I dream something like that?  We were trying to clean the vehicle to take a trip on a holiday excursion.  Well that is fine and fun but why was I cleaning up old food in my dreams?  I haven't cleaned the fridge lately, maybe I need too.  lol  Well I did put mac and cheese in some tupperware bowls last night and it spilled and I cleaned it up - but to dream about that?  Why?

Then I dreamed that a fox got after Tugie and I stepped in to try and protect Tugie.  And I growled and carried on and danced at it and hissed at it to make it go away.  The fox moved away from Tugie and she was fine but the fox looked at me interestingly at the way I was carrying on and then turned and stuck it's butt out at me as if to say "well phhhhbbbttthhh on you then".  So I turned my butt at it and stuck it out and did it back!  And he was miffed and finally ran off as I was thinking "wow that fox had human like behavior".  And then I woke up b/c Roger was scooting me off the bed!  And then Tugie actually jumped off the bed herself and my alarm went off anyway all at the same time.  Weird awakening.  And having a show down with a fox was not what I had intended to wake up with this morning.  But whatever!  Wonder if I actually growled and hissed and did a dance in my sleep and woke the dogs up!  lol lol lol  I'm glad George was asleep. He'd have thought there was some kind of attack going on.

Anyway it's fun being weird.  You amuse yourself all the time.  ;-) I guess I dreamed about Tugie b/c I'm worried about her.  She is coughing and wheezing a lot and I truly believe it is her heart.  She is following me around like a little toddler wanting to be in every room I'm in, along with me.  Bless her.  She's moving around great but she is just not feeling too good I don't think.

So, last night I cooked fish sticks, mac and cheese, and brocolli.  The fish sticks kindof over cooked a bit as I kept them warming in the stove waiting for George to get home from his Mom's.  Even though I had it on low the oven was really hot so it kept cooking it. We ate about 8:15.  I was about to go ahead and eat by myself when he walked in the door. I was hungry.  I just don't like to eat late.  I end up eating two meals or snacking a lot.  It's just pointless.  We may have to start eating separate as that is just too late for me if he is going to see his Mom every night.

Anyway I am going to get off here and head to work and try to get something accomplished.  We have to leave by 4:15 or 4:20 anyway as it's a night out on the town for us.  A concert.  More on that tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Doodles and Feeeeeelings

I was digging through some old photos last night and found this little fishy.  I drew it most likely in a meeting.  Might have been in church.  I don't like long boring meetings and I don't like to sit through a sermon.  Sorry, I just don't.  I do better with interactive or self study or bible workbooks.  I no longer doodle, but it was a habit that came out of school.  It always started with the two round eyeballs.  I drew mosquitoes, birds, and little critter people.  I also drew sailboat and ocean scenes in a tropical setting with palm trees, and a shark for whimsy.  It used to make people sitting beside me laugh when the shark was drawn in with the fin sticking up.  

Anyway, I guess yesterday was ok.  It was a Monday for sure.  Had a little bit of a left over negative feeling from last week about an issue that left me not feeling right, and having some trust issues now b/c of it and some negative feelings that I don't like and can't help.  I think I was blindsided.  It usually takes me about 24 to 48 hours to get past something, but I guess it really depends on how bad it affected you.  So it's still lingering.  And hopefully I'll be able to trust again.  I am just really disappointed about the selective hearing and selective memories that abound.  I do not like it at all.  One just has to decide if this is something they will put up with.  If it happens again, perhaps not.  We'll see how it goes.  I've lost respect for someone now that I thought highly of and that is a pretty big loss for me.  Kinda sad but it is what it is.  And life rolls on. 

Other than that, I was happy to see the big changes to the handbook that I suggested be done, was changed and for that I am grateful.  So at least that was good news.   A lot of interruptions, an accident, and putting out fires, and lots and lots of emails.  

And today is a driver orientation and supervisor training on preventing discrimination.  So I'll be busy until about 1:30 or 2, then by the time I do emails and vmail return for the day it'll be time to go home.  So I won't get any desk time today.  I have to do the drug screen implementation ideas on smart sheet for my supervisor. But that won't be today.  It should not take long though and I'll do it tomorrow, being that I already put all this on presentation once back in the spring so all the details are there.  But it is just having the time to actually sit down and do it.  I've had more critical things I've had to do in the past two days since he asked me to do it.  Still haven't been told to roll with it but have been told we can work toward it and probably need to do it.  lol  Communication is always something. And that part makes me laugh.  I don't think "yes, do it" is in anyone's vocab in case it turns out to be the wrong thing to do.  lol  

Anyway I went to the gym after work and walked a mile and a half for 30 minutes.  So that was good.  And then we had Pho for dinner.  Leftovers but he added more to it.  

And bed time came before I was ready for it to.  I slept good though and didn't want to get up.  
I better go so I can get ready and get on the road for this crazy day.  Life is going to want to happen while I'm doing orientation and training and the world will go crazy.  Why everything has to happen at the same time I will never know, but it's two days before a full moon.  So I know that the world will be sliding sideways while I'm out of pocket. I wonder how many times I'll be interrupted.  lol 

I apologize for being a bold sort.  I wish I could just shut up and sit in the corner and not have feelings ---but no I don't want that either.  I'm only mousy for the first few minutes of knowing me.  lol  I do the best I can to take care of everything I know I'm supposed to take care of.  Anything else that is in the grey area has to sit and wait til I have time to figure it out.  And there usually is no time. 

And speaking of time, I better cut this off here.  I have to go get to work.  The crazy day awaits someone to attend to it.