Saturday, January 21, 2017

Save the New Blog, This Site Closing Soon

This blog will be closing down completely by Saturday, January 28.  Please note the new blog site, as per the previous post entry, in your bookmarks, RSS, blogger, follower buttons, or however you wish to link so that you have the new site saved.  Thank you so much.  See you in the new blogosphere.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Well, Here is the New Blog...

Here is the link to the new blog....

Come one come all....even the TROLLs.  lol

Here ya go.

Southern Fried L'Attitudes

Pass the Word!

Let me know if you can access it and reading by commenting on the new blog.

If you can't access it, come back here and let me know.

Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thank You So MUCH!

I just had to come back and say "thank you" for all the precious comments.  They mean so much to me.  You all are so kind.  Don't worry, there is NO person on this earth that could keep me from blogging, writing, or keep me from doing whatever it is I desire to do.  Whatever I make up my mind to do, I usually do it.  It pays to be stubborn, and there is no shortness of stubborn in this psyche of mine.

I've stopped the blog in it's current format b/c it was the right thing to do, for ME.  I didn't do it FOR anyone else.  I did it FOR ME.  For several reasons.  The timing of it all was just perfect. For me, that is. But I apologize for the abruptness.

However, I plan to do a new blog and it may take a little bit to get it going.  My goal is around Feb 1. I'm very excited about it.  I will still be me and will still be sharing much of the same, but a bit reserved, for the trolls that happen to lurk.  I think I've decided on a name.  Or close to it.  I will try to contact each of you to let you know where it is.

But I really think a lot of you guys and your comments.  I appreciate it a whole lot.  And I apologize to you for cutting it off so quickly if you all seem to like it that much.  I'll be back and I'll be better, I promise.  I love you for your words.

Faithfully yours,



Friday, December 30, 2016

Back Porch Blog

To my Readers:

We have spent much time together since 2012.  Me writing, you reading.  Me being open and honest about my world, my day, my heart.  Sharing the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the humor, the irony, the what ifs, the what nots, the what hads and the what had nots.

Some days the heart and mind spill the things that plague you most in an effort to find resolve, whether issue big or small.  Some days the honesty is too much for one or perhaps too much for all.

 You have read words here of my life, my thoughts, my heart.  I shared with you, trusted you, gave to you.  You know me well, if you read me at all.  And for that I appreciate you.

Having read this blog and written this blog comes with a responsibility to myself and others.  As a reader, I challenge you much in the same.  What I have written and blogged each day, my intentions have been pure from my soul, wanting everything to be perfect, in sync, fair, honest, protected.  As a reader who reads this content you come with a responsibility as well, to take its content in form, in stride, understand it, respect it's intent appropriately, share with others appropriately, not abuse it or the writer.  This should not be taken lightly because your own actions as a reader can create just as much havoc with what you do with what you have read, as the writer with his/her words in black and white. NEVER forget that.  The responsibility does not stop at the writer, ever. Most of you though, have without a doubt supported every minute of my candid, outlandish, over the top, crazy minded, ways and took it for its intent.

My Gosh. I've shared my world with you.  You watched my girl grow up.  You've lived with the dogs daily.  You've laughed at my clumsy dimwitted ways.  You supported me through death, life, change and misgivings.  You have listened to me go on about what good food and concerts we got to experience.  You went along with the travel. You listened to me moan and groan about finances and Dave Ramseying, and you rallied along with me when I was openly irritated with my spouse, with work, or whatever would not do what I told it to.  lol  You loved my memories I shared and all those moments.

  We've been through Bookncoffee's My Southern Home, Mellow Pages, and now the Back Porch Blog.  (These have all been privatized so the search will be futile).  This is so sad.  It is, however, the end of an era, ironically, just typed error and corrected that too.  Either way works.  Life changes.  The kid is gone, the dogs are old, we are getting old.  I have less patience or more patience, I'm not sure.  And I rarely have time to sit on the Back Porch anymore.  But I do sit in the sun room.  And that is where the private blog goeth!

I may plan to open another public blog at some point, when I feel I am ready to connect back to the Blogosphere. It'll be much of the same.  But I'm closing this one out. It's posts have all been converted to draft.  This will give me some time to go and do some things I've been wanting to do.

Til then I'll be daily on the private blog where my thoughts will be just that.  I do not allow family or work personnel on my private blog.  Only a few good trusted friends.  I need to be myself and need to be accepted, not rejected as a person, and my words not misunderstood, nor taken personally. So this is important to me.   

Someone famous said once, "the written word has the final say".  I challenge that one.  It's the things unsaid, that shall speak loudly now.  My unwritten words here will have the final say. (He must not have been that famous, I have no idea who said that.)  I'm speaking so loudly now that deafness shall follow.

And so with regret and a much heavy heart, but at my own decision, I close this blog.    I love all of you, my fun, faithful readers.  Feel free to email me anytime.  It is the name of the blog all together, backporchwriter and with an AOL address.  I'll send you the new public blog when/if the time comes subject to approval from those I recognize.  Not taking new private blog readers at this time.